I think that with the cold weather officially set in and my birthday looming, it’s safe enough to get a little holidaysy and cheersome. I’m finished in work now, though I have a few bits and bobs to keep me occupied over the Xmas, and essentially free until January now. Except of course for tomorrow when the hideous ageing bug will grab me and suck another year from my soul…. I’m heading for my mid-twenties people, how did this happen? I swear it feels like I was 7 just yesterday and annoyed about turning 8, so how is it suddenly so much later in my life?  Not that I’m a follower of the youth-is-glorious-and-all-powerful camp, but I guess I just still feel a bit like a teenager and yet I’m getting far too old to not feel like a grown-up… *gulp* Anyhow, let’s hope I age gracefully.

In other news…

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Designed by Chelsea Vose  |   Mandie Barnes Business Card

This was a fun freelance project I just finished! Got to freely design (that could be the urban dictionary define for freelance) her logo and then design and brand her with a business system. I think the Cards turned out great! They are in the mail on their way to me! Profesh pics coming soon I promise!

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I’m such a fan of vintage inspired graphic design.  I think it is a unique blend of modern technology and old, faded, classic elements.  Dustin Wallace’s designs are perfect examples of that!  I love the set of designs he created for Fossil!  He created everything from watch-tin packaging, to in store displays, to t-shirts for the famous watch company.  …and I do believe I’m in love with each one.  Notice the colors he chose.  Muted, and worn out, but the shade is bright and fresh under all that “age”.  Dustin did a fantastic job marrying classic, clean, modern elements with the ornate details found in a lot of true vintage designs.

Stop by Dustin Wallace’s website to see more of his amazing work!  Can you tell that Dustin is also based in Texas?  Somehow that is so obvious to me.  Maybe it’s something in the air down here?


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