My Obsession With Helvetica.


I know there are two opposing views on the use of the typeface, Helvetica. I’ve heard some call it overused and grotesque, and others call it strong and even sexy. Personally, the font makes me feel inspired. There’s something so clean and perfect about it that you can’t overuse it. A lot of people think it’s boring since it’s used for traffic signs, which means it’s everywhere, but I really think it depends on HOW you use it. When I design I feel like Helvetica always makes it better. I don’t use Helvetica EVERY time (though I’d like to), there are times another font portrays the feel or emotion of a design better, but for the most part – I just don’t think you can go wrong with Helvetica. There are so many weights and styles, even adjusting the kerning and letting can make the font stand out and work…

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