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Personalised Loves Art Print

I like the typefaces used. And thing it looks, simple, crisp and well executed.

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Our LOVES art print has been a best seller since we lauched it in 2008 … so this Christmas we thought we would give it a little makeover.

We slimmed it down a little and added splashes of colour and some of our new favourite fonts…. and hey presto here is the new print.

It is available in 5 colours and you can have the print only or opt for it to be framed. The print only is printed as an A3 so that you can choose whether to frame as is or ask your framer to trim it down and frame it to your own width.

So what / who do you love?

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Yow Yow!

Stock Logos created an interesting timeline of logos relevant to our culture today that highlight the past, present and future. I would hope that Starbucks’ logo will be more than just a green blob in 2041, but at the rate they’re going at you just never know.

Check out some other popular logos and their timelines here.

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